St. Paul's School has been and always will be a school for all families, from all backgrounds, and all walks of life, united in academic excellence and service to one another. 


The Pandemic has caught up with us. For the past two years, we haven't been able to host our usual fundraisers that supplement tuition. We are seeing a decline in enrollment as families have left San Francisco and demographics continue to change. Yet despite these challenges, faith in our community remains strong.


We are reaching out to you to humbly ask your help to close a gap we’re facing next school year. We want to preserve our important Learning Specialists, Spanish Program and Classroom Aides. These programs are crucial to our community and we greatly appreciate any and all support.


St. Paul's has a long-standing and resilient history. We respect and admire the generations of faithful that have built the community and educated thousands of young students. Your support builds upon this legacy as we continue their work for today's and future generations.


God Bless